If you are looking for a tree removal Erie, PA based company that will remove your tree right the first time, look no further than Eric Walter Tree and Stump Removal. We are the best and most trusted tree removal Erie, Pennsylvania service expertly removing trees since 1998.

In choosing a Erie tree removal company, there are many factors you should keep in mind;

  • Safety. The safety of your family and everyone involved is at the top of the list. Therefore you need to choose a company that has the equipment and experience to safely remove trees and tree stumps. There are many companies who advertise their services as a tree removal Erie company however, they do not have the modern equipment and safety standards necessary to safely remove a multi-ton tree from your business or residence.
  • Liability. In choosing a tree removal service Erie, PA, you should not only think about safety, but also liability! What happens if a tree falls and injures a worker on your property. Is the tree service you hired properly insured? You really don’t want that kind of exposure, hence you need to hire a company that carries full insurance, as well as worker’s compensation insurance for their own workers. Eric Walter Tree and Stump Removal is committed to international safety standards and furthermore, strives at all times to conform to the latest OSHA standards of safety. This includes not only only our workers, but your family and neighbors as well. the most trusted Erie tree removal company, safely removing large and small trees since 1998.
  • Love of Trees. Like our customers, we love trees and we hate to remove them. The reality is however, that often times, a tree has run its natural course or it sits in a place where a work-a-round is not possible. When tree removal is the only option, give us a call. We will stop by your home or business and determine whether or not the tree needs to be removed. If your tree needs to be removed, we have the manpower and equipment to safely remove the tree from your property. Give us a call today and we will respond as quickly as possible.

For your next tree removal Erie project, give us a call or fill out the form below for a free estimate. You will see why thousands of others have chosen Eric Walter Tree and Stump Removal as their own Erie PA tree removal service!

Do you also have trees that need trimming? Give us a call today as we are also the most trusted tree trimming Erie based service.